HIV/Aids Treatment

At the Jewel City Medical Centre we endeavour to offer our patients the best possible care when it comes to HIV testing. Our highly skilled staff are well versed in what the process entails and can offer patients all necessary information.

All testing is handled in the strictest confidence, offering fast results and a non-judgmental environment.

The HIV testing options we offer is dependent on the time that has passed since your potential exposure and when the test is done. The length of this “incubation” or “window” period will determine which test will be most accurate.

The following options are available:

  • 10 Day HIV RNA PCR Test
    • Provides the most accurate result at 10 days after potential exposure
  • 28 Day HIV DUO Test
    • Caters for exposure that occurred at least 28 days ago
  • Instant HIV test (26 Days)
    • This test has an incubation period of 26 days and you can wait for your results
  • 90 Day HIV Antibody Test
    • This test focuses on exposure that occurred more than 3 months ago

Click here to book an HIV test with our resident clinical nurse. Alternatively, call us on 011 265 5519 to check for walk-in availability.

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