5 Ways to keep your Immune System Healthy

Your body is a complex system, made up of organs, tissues, bones, and processes. Your best defence against infections and illness is a strong immune system.

These are the top 5 ways you can support your immune system:

Eat well 

Healthy eating is a fundamental cornerstone for good health, that ultimately benefits your body and your family in a multitude of ways. By eating well, you support your immune system and enable your body to fight off infections more effectively.  

Get your exercise 

Regular exercise is essential for supporting your immune system. By maintaining a good level of fitness and strength, you support every function within your body, including your mental health. Regular exercise helps you keep sickness and stress at bay.  

Grab that snooze 

Sticking to a solid sleep schedule, and ensuring your whole family does too, won’t only eliminate cranky mornings…it’ll support everyone’s immune systems too. Remember, adults need between 6 to 9 hours to function effectively, and that’s not just so you don’t feel bleary-eyed before coffee. Getting enough sleep supports your immune system too.  

Avoid Fads 

Fad diets, expensive supplements, and ridiculous pursuits do not form part of the 5 pillars for healthy living. Don’t get sucked in by big promises from a salesperson, or convinced into buying into a friend’s new ‘health’ business. The ‘business’ of health is between you and your doctor.  

Vaccinations and preventions: Vaccinating your children helps to preserve their health and protect them from several communicable diseases. But you too can also be vaccinated, so don’t forget to follow up on your family’s flu vaccination schedule. By vaccinating, you not only protect your child, you protect others too.

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